Tia Naché
Spoken Word Artist
Spoken Word Artist

Tia Naché is an undeniable spoken word talent, having studied language and wordplay from a very young age.


She has brought her artistic passion into the world of education, using it to inspire her students.

Motivational Speaker

Tia also utilizes her powerful presence as a motivational speaker, and also as a writer.

Meet Tia Naché.

Tia Nache' is a spoken word artist who has used her poetry to pour into the minds of listeners leaving them wanting more. She enlightens the inner man through her messages igniting passion, joy, and change: while at the same time, changing mindsets to make you think what is impossible is possible.

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Powerful Artistry

. Tia's empowering words have captured the hearts of her social media listeners where she has experienced going viral. In addition to performing on social media, she performs on stage, and at times has shared the stage alongside national recording artists.

Performing Experience

Tia has been recognized by her school district leadership, performed for both school-wide and district workshops, and for professional developments, and she has been contracted to perform for other neighboring districts and schools in the Seattle area. She has also performed for several churches, proving the diversity of her audience.


Tia affirms, “I know my message cuts through the noise and lands on the ears of those who hear me. I hope the listeners of my spoken word ultimately hear my heart, hear my transparency and my truth. Although rhythmic, and stylistic, my poetry is meant to grab your attention, inspire your heart, and call you to action.”

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