Stacy Emeri Watson
Financial Specialist

Before founding the Victory Insurance Group, Stacy was a specialist for Farmers Insurance.

Marketing Professional

She has had successful experiences marketing for Bank of America and T-Mobile.


Stacy has used her voice to empower through two independent talk shows.

Meet Stacy Emeri Watson.

Stacy Emeri Watson is a licensed sales and marketing professional, proudly serving as an independent Insurance and Financial Services Agent. Previously employed by the Farmers Insurance agency, she became independent in 2021 and founded the Victory Insurance group, where she works full-time as President.

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Victory Insurance Group

After a successful career at Farmers Insurance, the third largest P&C insurer in the country, Stacy made the decision to use her experience for a greater purpose and go independent. She founded the Victory Insurance Group in 2021, where she currently serves as President.

Motivational Work

Stacy was the host of MindShift Talk Radio, a weekly internet talk radio show created to promote personal and professional development. She also hosted Heart 2 Heart, an inspirational/motivational call that addressed and discussed healthy topics pertaining to mind, body and health.


Stacy, despite the risk and obstacles associated with owning and operating an independent business, has pressed forward with her entrepreneurial ventures on the strength of faith and perseverance.

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