Dr. Catrina Pullum
Vision Strategist
Dr. Catrina Pullum
Executive Producer
Dr. Catrina Pullum
Philanthropist & Humanitarian
Vision Strategist

As a Vision Strategist, Dr. Catrina empowers her clients to identify the vision for their life.

Executive Producer

Her goal is to create a platform for individuals to share their stories through the arts.


At Dr. Catrina’s very core, it's important for her to give to others what has been given to her.

Meet Dr. Catrina Pullum.

Dr. Catrina Pullum is a Champion for Change, who works diligently to advocate on the behalf of sexual assault, human trafficking, and domestic violence survivors on a national platform. Dr. Pullum’s life’s mission is to help individuals walk in their purpose by influencing them to unleash and embrace their power.

Event Info
Socialize & Network

Brown Girls Brunch is a social event that strongly encourages women of different backgrounds to have fun and build relationships.

Entrepreneurship Coaching

With wisdom shared from our Fireside Chat guests, you will gain access to exclusive insight applicable to your unique place in the world of business.

Educational Workshops

Our primary goal is to enable you to use these memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences to take the next steps to entrepreneurship.

Mentorship Opportunities

Dr. Pullum established the Creating Opportunities for Excellence Mentoring Program to empower action-oriented individuals through uniquely selected mentorship figures that cater to their individual needs.

Philanthropy Efforts

Dr. Pullum has served many organizations and causes on her journey to give back, including missionary work in Haiti, teen pregnancy awareness, human trafficking, sexual abuse, crimes against children, domestic violence awareness advocacy, and youth advocacy.

Growing With Grace

Dr. Pullum is the proud author of the Growing With Grace children's books, a series that she created to inspire young children to care for their mental health at an early age and provide a common framework for children and adults to discuss coping mechanisms for grief.

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