Teneshia Murray
Serial Entrepreneur
Teneshia Murray
Business Coach
Teneshia Murray
Beauty Mogul
Serial Entrepreneur

Teneshia Murray is the mind behind a total of six independent businesses.

Business Coach

She uses her experience to guide others toward independent entrepreneurship.

Beauty Mogul

She began as a licensed hair stylist, and now owns several salons and barbershops.

Meet Teneshia Murray.

Teneshia Murray became a licensed hairstylist and did hair for 24 years. Using the beauty business as a foundation, she has been on a continuous entrepreneurial journey. She has added several businesses to her brand and continues to expand through her faith, determination, and dedication to success.

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Socialize & Network

Brown Girls Brunch is a social event that strongly encourages women of different backgrounds to have fun and build relationships.

Entrepreneurship Coaching

With wisdom shared from our Fireside Chat guests, you will gain access to exclusive insight applicable to your unique place in the world of business.

Educational Workshops

Our primary goal is to enable you to use these memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences to take the next steps to entrepreneurship.

Bosses Meet Bosses

Teneshia Murray is the founder of Bosses Meet Bosses, a business mentorship group created to support entrepreneurs from the creation of their businesses to building lasting success. The group operates as a business coaching safe-space that promotes authenticity and professional relationship building.

7-Figure Entrepreneur

Teneshia is currently the owner of six successful businesses that bring in millions every year. Her businesses are active forces in the beauty, logistics, hospitality, and business coaching industries.

Woman of Faith

With a career spotted with trial and error, Teneshia has attributed her lasting success to her hardcore hustle, determination, and most importantly, her faith in God and her trust in the process.

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