Anita Douglas
Serial Entrepreneur
Business Advocate

Douglas has a passion for transforming education and determination into income.

Culture Creator

She encourages constantly learning new things and strengthening those around you.

Fear Conqueror

Given past obstacles, overcoming fear and doubt are among her strongest principles.

Meet Anita Douglas.

From doing hair to starting her own lifestyle virtual assistance company, Anita Douglas has pursued a life of entrepreneurship strengthened by grit, tenacity, and resourcefulness. At the center of her story is a determination to push fear aside and carve her own path by continuously learning and striving for improvement.

Event Info
Socialize & Network

Brown Girls Brunch is a social event that strongly encourages women of different backgrounds to have fun and build relationships.

Entrepreneurship Coaching

With wisdom shared from our Fireside Chat guests, you will gain access to exclusive insight applicable to your unique place in the world of business.

Educational Workshops

Our primary goal is to enable you to use these memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences to take the next steps to entrepreneurship.

Crown Innovative Business Solutions

In January 2016, Anita Douglas founded Crown Innovative Business Solutions (CIBS), to provide support to busy professionals and leaders as they move into the next levels of their companies, careers and personal lives.

KSU Graduate

Anita Douglas has earned both a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services and a Master's Degreen in Public Administration from Kennesaw State University, where she also served in an extensive variety of student organizations.

Other Certifications

In addition to her academic and business achievements, Anita Douglas has earned several other certifications: she is a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP), a Court Appointed Special Advocate, and she has also earned a license in Child Advocacy Studies.

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