Chasity Sereal
Fashion Mogul
Bridal Wear

When a woman puts on a Sereal gown, she immediately feels empowered and confident.

Luxury Streetwear

Chasity Sereal specializes in unique pieces with meticulous detail handmade appeal.

Prom Dresses

Sereal prom dresses can turn a young woman into the center of attention.

Meet Chasity Sereal.

Chasity Sereal's first vison found her creating couture tutus inspired by her favorite celebrities. The designer then quickly found her passion making couture pieces inspired by the late Alexander McQueen. From New York Fashion Week to local fashion shows in Houston, Sereal's pieces have graced the runways showcasing her detailed, eccentric gowns and leaving people speechless with each design.

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Origin & Inspiration

Chasity Sereal launched her namesake fashion line in 2009, without any formal cutting or sewing experience, and credits YouTube videos for teaching her the mechanics of design. Legendary designer Alexander McQueen is an inspiration touchpoint, but Sereal has always been clear about her design direction. On the subject of her designs, Sereal stated, “When I was trying to find my footing, I knew I didn’t want to do ready-to-wear. I want my pieces to tell stories. I want them to be remembered.”

Design Passion

As a black female designer, she is passionate about the lack of representation for people that identify like her in fashion world. Having two daughters of her own, she is fearlessly avid in creating a better life for her kids and ensuring that her two daughters will be motivated to follow their dreams.

Project Runway

In 2021, Chasity Sereal was featured as a competitor in Bravo TV's fashion design reality TV series, Project Runway. She was a fierce competitor, having won several challenges and consistently advancing. She became a finalist on the show's 19th season.

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