Dina Hairston
Business Leader
Financial Specialist

Dina Hairston has built on her business profile in finance for over 20 years.

Reliable Leader

She has worked in management through most of her career in finance.

Advisement Professional

Leveraging her experience with finance, Dina has become a dependable advisor.

Meet Dina Hairston.

Dina Hairston is a financial professional that has worked with several notable companies including SunTrust, PNC, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Fifth Third. Her history of leadership positions includes branch management, business development, and more. She recently founded 1st Choice Credit Union, where she serves full time as CEO.

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Business Developer

As an, adaptable, innovator, mentor, sales coach and business partner, Dina Hairston focuses on market growth and expansion by creating and implementing sales strategies which impact member/employer acquisition with organizations seeking to enhance their current wellness package with banking products and services.

Team Leader

Dina Hairston held positions as a Branch Manager for several major banks and financial institutions, experiences that have strengthened her background as a trustworthy team leader and coordinator.

1st Choice Credit Union

Dina became the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the 1st Choice Credit Union in December of 2021, using her leadership experience and extensive background in finance to empower her community on her own terms.

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